Petrosphere graduate shares how to achieve success

One of the PETROSPHERE graduates, Mr. Nikko Martin Medes is currently the HSE Superintendent at Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO). His company is one of the GCC’s most prominent national food companies, ranking among the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They produce and enable others to produce a large volume of high-quality food at the lowest possible cost to the environment.

One of his responsibilities is the implementation of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards and developing and maintaining relationships and communication channels with assigned business units.

According to Nikko, he has been so persistent in achieving his current job. “First of all through prayers, I didn’t stop praying to God to give me this opportunity. Then I put an effort by continuously studying and attending various training. Patience by applying into different companies, waiting until I was selected,” he said.

Nikko confirmed that attending PETROSPHERE training help him in his current job. “Yes, it refreshes and gives me additional knowledge that I didn’t encounter before.” Getting certification through training help him a lot in the application process.

“What makes this training center the best for me is that applying into action what is being taught in handling safety matters within the workplace, but also in our daily lives. It does not only enhance my knowledge but also boosts my confidence, an inner power to do things with courage and pride,” Nikko said.

His takeaway message to those who are still applying and looking for a job, “Invest to yourself by improving your knowledge and don’t be contented to what you know. You must have an edge to others to be selected on the company that you are applying for.”

Nikko was a graduate of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Batangas, Hilltop Batangas City.

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