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Terms and Condition

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  1. PETROSPHERE INCORPORATED is committed to the protection of data collected from the clients inquiring through website, social media accounts, email, mobile and phones, including the learner’s records, employees, staff, instructors, consultants and other individuals who are transacting business within the company.
  2. The data processed whether stored in hard copies or soft copies shall be secured physically and encrypted online according to the information security guidelines and protocols of PETROSPHERE INCORPORATED.
  3. In case that there is a breach in the data security, affected individuals will be immediately contacted within appropriate timeframe through email detailing the information of breaches, what data were affected and steps taken by PETROSPHERE INCORPORATED.
  4. Data storage and destruction should comply to the Documentation Policy and Guidelines.
  5. Nobody is allowed to record, store, copy and distribute published courses, whether they are live instructor-led, self-paced or blended. All materials are either owned by PETROSPHERE INCORPORATED, its partners, stakeholders and other third-party individuals or organizations, and are copyrighted and should be solely used by the authorized individuals only.
  6. If proven by the IT Department that a learner or anybody without permission is recording, doing screenshots and the like, they will be referred to the legal counsel for possible filing of cases in violation of the Data Privacy Act and the Confidentiality Policy of PETROSPHERE INCORPORATED.
  7. Accrediting agency may be given access during a live instructor-led course, but he or she is not allowed to record nor participate in the course.
  8. Unless otherwise indicated, recording of the live instructor-led course shall only be used for catch-up training and course auditing within the training period.
Terms and Condition
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