What is COSH Training?

The Construction Safety and Health is a forty (40) – hour training that intends to equip the workers with the knowledge on standard occupational safety, health, practices and processes in Construction Industry. COSH training is approved by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC).

Why COSH is needed for you?

Taking COSH is not only for compliance and accreditation requirements to qualify the certificate holder to becoming an accredited safety practitioner. It is also an important course to gain knowledge and skills on the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards including the RA 11058 and other related laws and legislations.

Who can take COSH?

Everyone can take COSH, especially those who will be working in the construction industry, however it is preferred that the trainees should be at least high school graduate.

What are the topics and modules in COSH?

Module 1: Importance of Safety and Health
Module 2: OSH Legislation
Module 3: Unsafe/Unhealthy Acts/ Conditions Workshop
Module 4: Construction Site Premises
Module 5: Tools and Equipment
Module 6: Excavation Safety
Module 7: Demolition Safety
Module 8: Fall Protection
Module 9: Construction Machinery
Module 10: Temporary Structures
Module 11: Environmental Control Measures
Module 12: Occupational Health / Medical Surveillance
Module 13: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 14: Toolbox Meeting
Module 15: Routine Site Safety Inspection
Module 16: Job Hazard Analysis
Module 17: Accident Investigation
Module 18: Role of Safety Officers
Module 19: OSH Programming
Module 20: Employees Compensation Program
Module 21: Workplace Emergency Preparedness
Module 22: Re-entry Planning

How can you take COSH?

Petrosphere provides various training modalities including face-to-face training, blended training, which is a portion having online lecture and face-to-face classroom training, self-paced training and online instructor-led training.

Where can I take COSH training?

If you prefer a face-to-face training, you can check out our public offering schedule.

Can I use COSH certificate for CPD?

Definitely, yes. There are two ways to earn CPD points, it’s either through a self-directed learning or through a direct CPD points issued by PRC. Either way, you can make use of the points issued by the PRC with 40 hours COSH training duration.

How can I enroll in COSH?


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